Rivdom eBZ2 Battery Rivet Tool

Honsel® Rivdom Battery Rivet Tools

These next generation powerful, lightweight, battery rivet tool feature an extremely high traction force, intelligent cycle time and substantial stroke length.

Capacity ranges from 3.2mm (1/8″) in all materials to 7.8mm (5/16″). The Honsel Rivdom® family of tools also feature a lamp, ergonomic grip, and a mandrel container at the rear for spent mandrels with the entire series offering a brushless motors ensuring wear is all but eliminated.

The Honsel Rivdom® cordless battery rivet tool tools offer a significantly higher traction force and longer stroke than other battery installation tools on offer. They allow consistent setting of high strength rivets in one stroke, even in longer applications or with folding rivets.

Also included is the intelligent fast-charger to allow extremely fast charge time on 12v, 16v or 20v batteries. 20mins for 90% or 30mins for 100% ensures you can confidently use these tools as a viable and flexible alternative to pneumatic tools for on-site work, without the need for compressors or hazardous air lines.

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