Max-grip/Multi-grip Lockbolts

SPBR SeriesSteel button head max-grip lockbolt
SPTR SeriesSteel truss head max-grip lockbolt
SP90R SeriesSteel countersunk head max-grip lockbolt
Max-grip lockbolt collarsCollars to suit the range of Max-grip lockbolts
SPBE SeriesAluminium button head max-grip lockbolt



PLB-08 Series6.4mm (1/4``) Steel button head lockbolts
Lockbolt CollarsCollars to suit all sizes of listed lockbolts
PLB-10 Series7.8mm (5/16``) Steel button head lockbolts
PLB-12 Series9.8 (3/8``) Steel button head lockbolts
Large Diameter Lockbolt Series12mm (1/2``) to 28mm (1&1/8``) Diameter lockbolts

Stainless Steel

PLB-08SS6.4mm (1/4``) Stainless steel button head lockbolts
PLB-10SS Series7.8mm (5/16``) Stainless steel button head lockbolts
PLB-12SS Series9.8mm (3/8``) Stainless steel button head lockbolts


PLB-08A6.4mm (1/4``) Aluminium button head lockbolts
PLB-10A Series7.8mm (5/16``) Aluminium button head lockbolts
PLB-12A Series9.8mm (3/8``) Aluminium button head lockbolts


Panelock seriesHigh tensile low profile two-piece star drive fastener
Thread rolling screw - Alternative to Taptite®
Thread Rolling ScrewsSelf tapping thread rolling screws - Alternative to Taptite®

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