Large Flange Pre Bulbed Steel Plus Nut

These steel plus nut are optimal for soft or brittle materials with twice the grip range of standard nut inserts. Pre-bulbing allows for installation with spin-spin tooling and easy hand setting making it ideal for materials such as rotational moulded plastic and hand laid up fibreglass that will vary in thickness. Available in steel, with aluminium and stainless steel on request. Non pre-bulbed also available.

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Part Number Thread Size Grip Range Hole Size
IN-PNS0607PB M6 x 1.0 0.50 - 7.10 9.8
IN-PNS0613PB M6 x 1.0 7.10 - 12.70 9.8
IN-PNS0807PB M8 x 1.25 0.50 - 7.10 12.3
IN-PNS0813PB M8 x 1.25 7.10 - 12.70 12.3

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