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Asphalt Anchor

Bolthold® Asphalt Anchor

The Asphalt Anchor is an anchor specifically designed for anchoring to asphalt surfaces. They’re well suited for a range of applications including attaching curtain barriers and walls, road signs, stands, speed humps, bollards, fencing or any other similar structure that requires direct fastening to asphalt surfaces. For high corrosion resistance requirements we also offer a Dacromet finish on all sizes. Asphalt Anchors along with thread guards allow for a permanent tie down point in locations like carparks that are unobtrusive and easily utilised repeated for weekend events without damaging the surrounding surface.

Asphalt is gravel held together with oily pitch (‘Bitumen’) and unlike concrete, asphalt will yield to forces applied for extended time. For this reason, the common expansion anchors (which are used on concrete) cannot be used for fastening to asphalt. Any expansion anchor in asphalt will loosen and fail in days. This generally means cutting asphalt, pouring concrete and returning later to install the expansion anchor. All of this is avoided with Asphalt anchors as they can be installed in minutes and used within hours.

See our information sheet here and installation guide here.

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Part Number Thread Size Hole Size Weight
AASP10-M10x150 M10x1.50 22mm ~0.10kg
AASP12-M10x300 M10x1.50 22mm ~0.25kg
AASP18-M12x300 M12x1.75 25mm ~0.25kg