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Profast are your specialist partners when it comes to providing the very best in fastening products. Our product range primarily consists of specialist rivets, rivet derivatives, two-piece fasteners, threaded inserts and the associated installation tooling. We present our customers with a range of solutions using only the highest quality parts. One of our main points of difference is that we distribute these products as an independent broker rather than as a proprietary distributor.

Independence allows us to evaluate manufacturers worldwide and offer a stock range that we consider the best of the best. Working this way gives us the ability to offer custom solutions for applications requiring more than just a standard part number.

Dealing directly with the manufacturer keeps our pricing competitive with larger proprietary companies and their distributors.

We stock and sell a wide range of quality tooling in addition to a wide range of spare parts to suit. We also have full service and repair facilities on-site as well as a range of tools for hire.

Introducing Profast
Our current nose assembly program includes equipment to install the following industrial fasteners:

Magna-grip® Max Grip
Maxlok® Mega Lock
C6L® C50L®
Avdelok® Bulb-tite®
Avtainer® Hucktainer®
Orlock® Stelock®
Farbolt® *Aerospace available upon request

About us

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